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We Fix Mac Computers!

Whether you have an Apple MacBook (13”, 15”, 17”), MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac (21” or 27”), or even a Mac Mini, PCMac Express can diagnose and fix it. Our professional technicians will examine and test your computer to pinpoint the issue, and then once we know what is wrong, we can give you an estimate on wait time and approximate cost to solve it. Trust our experienced techs for all your service and maintenance needs.

Emergency service is available for an extra fee.


Is your screen cracked or damaged? We can replace all Mac model screens. We offer LCD or full display screen replacements (depending on your needs and preference). Prices depend on the cost of any parts required.


If your Mac is acting strangely, shuts off by itself, doesn’t power on, or fails to recognize external devices, you could have a failing logic board.

Spill liquid on your computer? This is a common issue, and the damage can be fixed. You may get lucky and only have damaged your keyboard (which we can easily replace), but liquid spills can be far more destructive. Spilled liquid can also seep into the machine, even over a period of time, causing damage to the logic board. Liquid spills are a common cause of logic board issues, and we can fix them.

Whatever the extent of liquid damage, rest assured that we can resolve it. Let us diagnose your computer, determine what is needed, and then contact you with your full range of options. We’ll always work with you to determine the best solution for your budget.

If a repair is not feasible, we will help you make an informed decision about your options.

Apple Logic Board
Logic board Repair / Replacement

Hard-drive Replacement / Upgrades
Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrades


That little folder on a completely grey screen can be very scary. It means that total disc failure may be imminent and your data is no longer safe.

If your hard drive has crashed or if you just want to upgrade, we can install a new drive and clone your data to the new one for a smooth transition.

We strongly encourage you to keep an organized and up-to-date backup of all your important files. But if you haven’t done it yet, we will help you set up backups to keep your data safe.

If your drive has failed, don’t panic! Our data recovery office can often salvage or recover your files and give you the best options for your valuable files.


Whether you have broken keys or your have spilled your morning coffee on your keyboard, we can replace it.

Pricing will depend on cost of parts.

UpgradesLooking to Upgrade?

Contact us to upgrade your hard drive, add memory (RAM), or for a consultation on options to make your Mac work better for your needs.

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