At PcMac Express we know that when your computer goes down, your business and every day tasks are on hold. That is why we jump when you call.  We get the job done and we do it right!

All of our work is fully documented and unconditionally guaranteed.

We keep things simple — we cut through the technical jargon and talk to you in plain English.

We think ahead. With proper planning and quality service, we make sure your systems give you years of trouble-free performance. Our rapid under-three-hour response time is unmatched by most others.

Available Plans:

We offer On-site or Remote service. 7 days a week - 9am-9pm.
Emergency Service 24/7

If you just need someone for a few hours we offer non-contract hourly rates. These rates are billed in one hour increments and can be used as needed. This service is useful for small one time projects .
Pay for what you need.
Ideal for small offices.

For clients who don't need someone every week or month, our block hour plans are a great option.

These plans offer a discounted hourly rate and are sold in block of 10, 15, 25 and 50 hours. With this plan you become a priority client with guaranteed response times, remote support, help desk service & online incident tracking.
Our annual service plans provide ongoing coverage for a one year period.

You purchase a set number of hours for each month. Any hours not used during that month will roll over and will accumulate for a one year period. These plans are ideal for businesses that will require on-site support on a daily/weekly basis.


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