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Keyboard germs

(A practical guide for keeping your computer clean)

Most of the time we don’t even realize how much dirt builds up in and on our computers. And that is a factor that can definitely prevent proper airflow; it could even make the fan stop. That is why keeping you electronic devices clean will improve and keep their working conditions.

It is important to know that even though they need some cleaning, they are not humans, therefore if you clean them every 6 to 8 months you should not have a problem with dirt. Not that bad right?

But before you start cleaning it, keep in mind that limit smoking, eating and drinking around it will make the cleaning a lot easier and prevent you from having some bad accidents that could cause it to crash.

Here are a few Tips on how to keep you computer running and glowing:

  • • Always turn off before cleaning!
  • • Never spray any liquid onto any computer. Do it instead on a cloth and then use that to rub down the component.
  • • You can use a vacuum to suck up dust and dirt on the outside case; but never use it on the inside! It can damage it due to the high amount of static electricity it generates. For this, you can also try compressed air.
  • • If you use solvent, dilute it. Be careful with those materials since they can cause bad allergic reactions.
  • • If you decide to clean the fan/s by yourself, make sure you place something in-between the fan blades to prevent it from spinning.
  • • When it comes to the case, if there’re any stubborn stains. Add a little detergent to a cloth, but never use solvents on plastic.
  • • Make sure all vents and air holes are hair and lint free by rubbing a cloth over them.

Keep in mind that inside cleaning can be damaging to your computer if you don’t really know what you are doing. But hey, we are Pro’s at PcMac Express. Give us a call and we will gladly help you keep those germs under control 😉