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What our clients say

“If you are looking for an outstanding service experience this is the guy to contact. Michael gave me a diagnosis after just 2hrs (motherboard and hard drive were broken) and he fixed it within another 2hrs. Excellent communication, reasonable price and the quickest service you will ever experience.”

Danny C.

“Really honest and good pricing. I had a major virus problem (like 450 viruses) and they totally resolved it while I waited. They also helped me with better security protocols. I went to the Queens location which is in a nondescript apartment building but I am so glad that I went!”

Kimberly B.

“I have used Michaels PC&MAC  for the last 13 years. He serviced my personal computers and also my office computers. He helped me with back up and so many issues I had with my Dell and Mac.  His technicians are amazing and they identified the issues and repaired what needed to be done in an efficient and fast manner. I would highly recommend Michael and I am sure you will find out how comforting it is to be able to call him. I am so glad I found this company. I have also recommended Michael, and my friends had the same amazing experience with him.”

Carola M.

“These guys pride themselves on customer satisfaction and it shows. they have the skills and they have the sadly disappearing art of really giving a damn about what they do and making the customer happy. Best advertising is word of mouth and they know it.  Look no further, they are certified, reasonably priced, and the kind of people you want to support.”

Alex C.

“These people are amazing!
You call them; they are at your door within 2 hours
90 minutes after your entire problem have been resolved at a most reasonable price! Everything in life should be as easy and simple as these guys made it for me. They are real professionals a pleasure to work with them.”

Anna R.

“I called pcmacexpress and got excellent service within 3 hours, not like in other companies i was told to wait a week or couple days, very reasonbly priced, honest and efficient.”

Maria B.

Client reviews



“PcMac Express is the best! When my aging PC told me late one evening that I needed to reinstall my operating system, I called Dell – and soon concluded that they would be of no help. Their advice was to call a local expert after pointing out that reinstalling the operating system would result in my losing the data on my hard drive.

Fortunately, I found Michael still on duty at PcMac Express. Sensing the panic in my voice he suggested I take a deep breath and then assured me that PcMac could recover the data on the hard drive and get me operating quickly. Given the age of the computer and the XT on it, we concluded that a new machine made sense – and he helped me find one that suited (not a Dell!).

Michael’s colleague, Shaheen, arrived to retrieve the hard drive and transfer everything to the new machine. He arrived on time, worked efficiently, installed some helpful shortcuts and was a pleasure to work with. Subsequently, Michael has helped me several times over the phone or on line to adjust to Windows 8. I couldn’t be more pleased and, while I hope not to need them soon, I’m sure PcMac Express will be ready to help.”

A. Steffan

“I’m a television director whose career began in the analogue world of the 60’s. Our scripts were delivered on ten-ply paper. The credits were long lists of names taped to a cylindrical drum. Our visuals were hand-drawn graphics and 16mm film. When computerization began to creep into our electronic world, I stumbled. I didn’t have the aptitude for the new technology. I can remember breathing a sigh of relief – “I am so thankful that my career will be over before computers become too much of an integral part of this business.” I was wrong by almost thirty years! Fortunately for me, I discovered Michael Bayan.

My home system crashed and an entire season of notes, scripts and designs vaporized. He found them, restored them, protected my data and saved my career! Since then I’ve called on Michael every time I’ve had an “Oh, no, now what?!” experience. I reach out in panic. He says, “Relax, we can fix it.” Within a day or two he sends a low-key, efficient genius to my home. And the problem gets solved (at a remarkably low price!)

Everyone I know is smug about some secret discovery they’ve made – the best dry-cleaner in Manhattan, the best pizza in the Village, the hideaway jazz club in the Bronx. Well, I’m smug about Michael Bayan, computer doctor.”

D.R. King

“It is a pleasure to confirm that ‘PcMac Express’ is the best service available in town when it comes to all computer repairs and fine tuning with PC issues. It has been my good fortune to have found your fine and expedient computer business with its fast problem-solving In the meantime, Shaheen appears to have resolved the latest issue here satisfactorily, and please relay my appreciation to him as well. Several acquaintances have been referred to you at my recommendation in the past, and they are equally satisfied. All to say, this satisfied customer will continue to call on ‘PcMac Express’ when necessary and continue to spread the words to others as well.”

Mary M.

“Thank you Michael for a great service and for putting my laptop back to life in no time. You got yourself a new customer. If I have a PC problem, I won’t look anywhere else. Thanks again.”


“Our family has been using these guys for several years. It all started about 4 years ago when my computer slowed down to a crawl. After my kids got hold of it over a weekend: I asked my IT guys in the office what I could do. My IT man said, why not call Michael at PCMacexpress? I hear they do a good job at a fair price . So I did Michael came over at as scheduled 7pm by 9 pm. My machine was running better than new it was incredible!

I asked him how he did this. Well he said you had a bunch of viruses and not enough ram for so got the viruses out and added some ram: how do you like it now? I said it’s great! This man’s work is impeccable – a real old timer that really knows his business! I have recommended Michael to many of my friends over the years, everyone has thanked me for it.”

Matthew S.

“I cannot recommend Michael’s PC and Mac Express enough! My computer was infected with something that completely rendered my hard drive inoperable. Their team made a quick diagnosis and got me up and running in no time. The quality of service was exceptional, and the price was unbelievably economical. Excellent value for an excellent price. I will be going back to them if needed in the future.”

Amy S.