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Computers have become a part of our everyday life. As a result, computer sales have gone through the roof. But despite their growing numbers, most people are unaware of the requirements needed in order to achieve the expected performance.

With the holidays in mind, here are some tips on how you can choose the appropriate parts yourself when you’re going to buy a new computer.

Customer service is everything, and the first choice you’ll make in this matter, is where you want to buy your computer. You should choose a store with a good reputation and good reviews on their customer service. You can easily find used hardware on the market. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, especially if you are not an expert. In fact, I would strongly recommend to get your processor, main board, RAM, ODD and casing from the same store. They can also assemble it for you and configure it properly.


Here are some things you should keep in mind when you choose your computer’s hardware.



This is the most important piece of hardware in your computer. Intel and AMD are the two brands you have available today. Both are good, but Intel processor is more advanced, and therefore popular. Always try to buy the latest version. The most recent version of Intel processors is Intel Core i7.

Depending on your budget your needs, you can make some concessions, but again, always go for the most up to date processor you can get.

Here’s a brief explanation of the processor series available:

Pentium, Celeron, Core and Core i are the main models.

From Pentium 1 through 4, and up to Core i7 extreme, always look at the core and thread number. You  will get better performance if the core and thread numbers are higher.

Also pay attention to the Cache Memory. More Cache Memory means better performance and more speed. The latest type of Cache memory is L3 Cache Memory. Turbo boost technology is also available on Intel processors, and is something you should consider.


Main board / Motherboard:

This is the board where all hardware is connected. Intel, Gigabyte and Asus are some of the most reliable brands in this area. You should also consider buying the latest model available in this case.

Be aware of much RAM memory you want in your computer, and choose a motherboard that can support that, along with your processor.

USB ports are also a fundamental part of your motherboard. Try to buy a motherboard with the latest USB version, which in this case is USB 3.0.



The monitor is the main output device of a computer.  Now, you have a wide array of choices. From old CRT monitors, to LED and LCD. When you choose a monitor, you should look at the contrast ratio, response time, and of course, image quality. LED monitors are the latest in technology, and have the best image quality.  Dell, Samsung, Asus and Phillips are among the best brands.



RAM means Random access memory, and it’s function is to keep data while your computer performs a complicated process. So the more RAM you have available, the faster your computer will perform. The latest type of RAM is DDR-3. Keep in mind that the RAM you want must be supported by your motherboard. Your RAM will also perform better if the BUS frequency is higher.


Hard Disk Drive (HDD):

Your hard drive is where all of your files are stored.

Today, hard drives can store from 160 GB to 3 TB of files, and sometimes even more. -If RPM of your hard drive is higher, you will get a better data transfer rate. If your motherboard specifies that it has a SATA port, you have to buy a hard drive for this kind of port.



Casing is the body of your computer, if you will. All your hardware goes inside the casing. Casing prices depend, mainly, on Watt of Power Supply wattage. You should choose PSU wattage according to your needs. If you have a big monitor and your computer deals with more graphics, you have to buy a casing with more PSU wattage. The ventilation system of the casing is very important, because this is what keeps your computer cool.



ODD means Optical Disk Drive. This is the unit where you pop discs in, and you have a few different options in this area. A CD-R unit can only read CDs but it can’t write on them. A CD-RW unit can read and record data on a cd. A DVD-RW can read and record on CDs or DVDs. The best brands of ODD’s are Samsung, Asus and Lite-On. If the speed of your ODD is higher, it can read and write data in less time


Keyboard and Mouse:

Keyboard and mouse are both very important input devices. It’s always better to buy a keyboard with bangle interface support. Nowadays optical mice are better than ball point mice. Look up that the mouse’s DPI.  The higher DPI, the more efficient your mouse is. Best keyboard and mice brands are A4-Tech, Deluxe, Mercury and Logitech


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